Is there any way to increase font size on one Mac and then have it change back on another?

I have a MacBook Air, small screen, and an iMac Pro, large screen. Working in the same project, I’d like to increase the size when editing on the smaller screen and then, when I switch, have it use the normal size on the larger screen. Is the a way to do this?

macOS Monterey V 12.1 on iMac Pro

Papyrus Author Free version 10.08a Mac dated 2022-1-1

For the document itself you could use different zoom settings on both machines. Click on the percentage value in the lower left of the document window to change the zoom. The zoom setting is saved as part of the document, so whenever you switch machines, you’ll have to change the setting again.

You could also use the Work Mode function (View > Work Mode) which remembers zoom settings on each machine individually.

If you need to increase or decrease the size of menus and dialog windows, you’ll have to change that in the Mac’s system settings at Apple Menu > System Preferences > Display. There are several options of changing the scaling factor from increased text size to more space on screen.


Thanks! Late last night, I rediscovered the Zoom feature, which I’ve used before. I appreciate your help!

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