Is there away to use an online plugin

Hi while I love using papyrus-author, I have started editing in a new environment sudowrite. The problem is for my workflow I need to manually copy and paste from my browser to PA, to keep the two documents synchronized. Anyone have any suggestions on how to improve on this?

Interesting! So you’d need to copy and paste text over, and then replace the old paragraphs with the newly-written ones…

I can’t think of a easy way to do this, because there’s no syncing between Papyrus Author and the text in the browser. You could make the copy-paste process smoother with macros or automation tools for Windows, but that’s outside of my expertise–maybe someone else in the Community! :crossed_fingers:

:bulb: You could use the “Track Changes” feature to keep tabs on which paragraphs you’ve edited–it helps seeing the exact place you’ve taken the text from, and also helps comparing the old with the new. You can turn “Track Changes” on with the magnifying glass :mag_right: icon in the toolbar.

If you can get your edits to a .docx file, you can import your work after each session to Papyrus Author as a separate file, and go from there. It’s more of a batch work approach to editing, and might help with the steps of going back and forth from your your browser to Papyrus Author.

Here’s a quick guide on bringing Word files into Papyrus Author:

It’s an interesting one. If you find a good workflow, let me know–I’m curious! :grin:

The only method I can think of is via Automation Software and Using a custom version control methodology
But it would probably take to long for me to develop and set up. ( I guess it would be worth doing only if multiple users were to use it.)
I love the environment and features that Papyrus Author offers,
But, I also love the results and speed that I get from sudowrite.
So I guess I’ll be stuck with copy and pasting.
Will check out the .docx idea.


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