Issue dragging thinkboard to a document

Ok, new to this software, but the video I watched said you could drag a thinkboard to a document as a way of outlining that chapter. Great idea, but when I drag the thinkmap over, it puts it two pages down into what, as a new document, is chapter 3. What gives? Is there any way to make sure it stays right there in chapter 1 where I want it?

I have noticed this behavior as well, when I drag a scene to another chapter, it ends up in the chapter right above it, even though I am dragging it directly onto the targeted Chapter.

Some type of off-by-one error.

I also get an error when opening a linked thinkboard from the Organizer as opposed to the Navigator. It opens the thinkboard that was last open, not the one I am right clicking and saying “Open Thinkboard” on.
If a thinkboard is already open, it wont even do that, it just becomes a “no Operation” type of thing.

Also, when I drag a thinkboard to a chapter or scene to link it, that drag and drop only works within the navigator, not with the organizer. The navigator and organizer behave differently even though they are functionally the same.

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Good point to bring up!

The drag-and-drop feature of the Thinkboard has its own logic for creating text elements from Thinkboard elements. Basically, how the element is created, depends on what kind of Thinkboard element it’s created from:

  • Single element creates a Sticky Note.
  • Stacked elements creates paragraphs.
  • Groups create whole chapters.

Based on the behavior you described, you were dragging into the text groups - is this correct? :slight_smile:

You can read more on the feature here: Creating Chapters, Text and Notes

Do you drag the scenes in the Navigator? The target should always be under the element you drag into, like here:


moving scenes

I’ll add this to our wishlist - you are right, at the moment this does not work in the Organizer :+1:

I’ll dig into this problem and get back to you once I know what’s going on! :wrench:

Errr…what I know is that I do exactly as the video says. Create a group, give it a title, put in a bubble, then add another bubble I convert to event. Try to drag it over, and it can be found two pages down. There’s gotta be something I’m missing??


Ok. I figured out the disconnect here. In the video I was linked to, it was missing an important element to the process. What needs to be done is to have the shift key held down while you drag the thinkboard to place the thinkboard in the intended spot. Works like a charm now. Might be good to review and update the videos to cover little things like that. Almost left the software over this confusion (sorry if I seemed a little difficult on it. It is the feature that sold me)

Back to work!

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Awesome to hear it worked out!

We will definitely update this info in the near future. :+1: Thanks for the heads-up!