Just a little suggestion which would help boost my ego

It’s about when you use project goal and session goal.

At the moment when you have reached your session goal the colour of the wee panel goes from pale green to dark purple and it stays purple no matter how many more words you write.

Would it be possible for it to change colour every time you have again reached the goal.

So if my goal was 1000 words and I achieve that, the colour changes, then again when I reach 2000 and then 3000 etc.

Because as it is now I love getting the message and seeing the colour change (I am easily distracted), but of course it only does it the once.

If it did it every time I did another thousands words or so, it would make me smile and give me a well deserved boost.

I know its not an important suggestion about how the whole system works, but it would be another nice touch.


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You could raise your session goal, and would be rewarded again once you hit the new goal :slight_smile:


Thanks, but too much like hard work, that would be less fun and take me away from writing and then I’d have to change it back for the start of the next session.

I want to hit it again and again with different colours. :smile:

It’s the small things that can make or break your day. :smiley:

Sounds awesome! :star_struck:

This could be a cool addition to the goals feature, where it’s essentially not for the session, but for feedback on how the book is coming along. I love it. :heart:

I’ll definitely bring this up with the team–thank you for the idea!

This is true! It’s a workaround, and does needs some manual work. You can also make it just a tiny bit quicker by clicking the :arrows_counterclockwise: icon in the Session Goal tab to reset your session.

Here’s a quick video on it:


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