Keeping comments when publishing as word docx

Operating System Windows.

Papyrus Author Version latest.

When I first started using papyrus I copied over a book draft from word thar had review comments and they imported perfectly into my papyrus project.

However, yesterday when I tried to publish another draft as a docx the comments did not go with. When asked about what I wanted included in the docx document, comments wasn’t an option.

Most of those comments are specifically for the edit I’m about to do and I would like to print my draft from word with those comments (I prefer editing from a printed page for various reasons).

Edited to add this: also just noticed that despite not keeping ghost text on publishing to word (I don’t want my ghost text in the word doc), there are giant gaps in the word doc where the ghosted text was which are proving problematic in deleting.

2 questions…
Is there something I’m doing wrong with exporting/publishing?
If I were to print straight from papyrus could the print include all my crazy comments and sticky notes etc?

For saving comments, and other elements, you can use the “Save for Distribution” option by navigating ‘File’ → ‘Publish’ → ‘Save for Distribution’. Before the publication, there’s a checklist of features you want to remove or keep in the .docx.

Note that the list of items are features to remove from the publication, so make sure to remove the checkmark for Comments, and other features you want included.


Sticky Notes and Text Snippets live in the Pinboards of Papyrus Author documents, and unfortunately they are not supported by Word documents.

If you leave the checkmark in Ghost Text in the ‘Save for Distribution’ view, the lines of Ghost Text are removed from the published .docx, and the document should publish without big gaps in between. :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes!

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Thanks for the help. I now do have the comments which is great BUT there are still great gaps left in the published version where there was ghost text despite leaving the checkmark in place. :confused: