Large document/lots of nested headers - crashing/lagging?

Hi there!

I’ve been using this awesome program to study with, and it’s been perfect save for one thing I noticed last semester. When my documents seem to get too large, papyrus begins to lag when I’m typing. The time between typing and letters appearing increases and eventually the program crashes completely.

I am using the free version, but I checked out the difference between free and paid, and it looks like there isn’t any disparity that would improve if I subscribed?

I’ll include a screenshot so you can see what I’m doing with it - maybe I’m doing too many things? My workaround has been to break topics up into smaller documents, but I’m just wondering if there’s something else I could be doing?

My computer is new (as of last year) and geared for heavy-duty processing (lots of RAM etc), so I don’t think it’s that?

Hi @audrina.pell ,

37,000 words is definitely no problem for Papyrus. I have written several projects with up to triple that and it never lags. I am not sure, though, about those tables and diagrams on your pinboard. I’m guessing those are imported images. Depending on the size of those files that might be heavy on your system.


Hi @joey, thank you for replying! That is worth noting, I think - I’ll bear it in mind.

I just noticed this came up today, perhaps this could be the issue too?

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Ah yes, that’s likely the problem. Your Papyrus treats the whole document as one giant page, which means the whole thing will be redrafted every time you change something.

To put in page breaks before each new chapter you can do that manually or assign your chapter headers a feature ‘Start on new page’. Then page breaks will be set automatically.

To do that:

  1. Set cursor into chapter heading line
  2. Go to ‘Paragraph’ → ‘Styles…’
  3. In the section ‘This Style Contains the Following Settings:’ click on ‘Advanced…’
  4. For ‘Position:’ choose ‘Start of new page’ (Or even or odd page, that depends on your personal guidelines)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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