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Two questions please.

  1. I want all my novel projects to be double spaced with a smaller First line indent than is set as Standard in Papyrus to meet what agents are requesting. Can I set this up as a default.
  2. Is it possible to import Helvetica as a font option?


Hi Simon and welcome to the Community :smiley:

Yes. You can use Styles to do this. Here is how:

With your cursor positioned in the main text, click on the Style icon image . This will open the Style dialog.

Check that the “Name” field says “Standard” then change it, typing a new name for your custom Style, e.g. “Standard Double”. Click on the “New” button:

Double Spaced:
In your toolbar, go to the line spacing drop-down and select “2” for double spacing:


When you look at the Style dialog now, you will see that it is set to double spaced line height:


The indent:
Go to the ruler underneath the top toolbar and drag the Pin image along to where you want the text to be indented to.


Again, you will see the change of indent in the “Main” tab of the Style dialog (the image below has both the left and right margins changed):


The last step after creating your new Style is to apply it to all the text you want to in your document.

Still with the Style dialog open, select the “Standard” Style from the dropdown - this is the Style you are changing from.
Then click on the “Mark” button. This will highlight all the text in your document that is currently set to this style.
Now go to the Style drop-down in the toolbar and select your new Style:


All your text should now be assigned your new Style.

Papyrus Author uses the default fonts you have installed on your computer. So, if you have Helvetica installed, you should be able to select it to use.

You can apply this font to your Style to use as default with similar steps as above. Ensure you have the correct Style selected in the “Select” field of the Style dialog. On the “Main” tab click the “Edit” button beside “Font size”. This will open the Font dialog.


Select the new font type (and any other attributes you want to assign). Click “OK” to return to the Style dialog. The font Style will have been updated and your document text should also reflect his change.


Hi Eva,

Thank you for such a detailed reply. This helps a lot but, unless I have done it incorrectly, that the change to the line height/indent by adding another setting only applies to the current project. When I opened up yet another new project the “Standard Double” option doesn’t appear. Is there a way to have this as an available option each time I start a new project or do I have to make this change each time?

Hi Simon,

There are two settings for Styles - global and local. It sounds like your" Standard Double" Style is set to local. These will only appear for the one document where they were created. Global Styles are available across all Papyrus Author documents.

Open the Style dialog for this Style and check this setting:

If it is unticked (as per the image), tick it and click “Apply”. You should then be able to see it in your other documents. :+1:

Sorry Eva - I’m still having trouble with this. I now have ‘Standard Global’ available as an option for new projects which is great. But when I’m in a project each time I add a new Chapter when I get to the text entry it defaults back to standard.

Hi Simon,

No problem. You can set the Style which follows a chapter heading too. Again, in the Style dialog - this time for the Chapter Style:

Go to the “References” tab.

The Style of the body text which will follow the heading is set in the field “Style of following paragraphs”. Use the drop-down list to select the Style you want to use.
Then click “Apply”.


Now, whenever you add a new chapter the following text will use your Style :+1:

Brilliant. Thanks for your help.

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