Long term support

I’m not sure how to really classify this question so if I have duplicated an earlier topic I apologize in advance.

I’m ready to start using Papyrus long-term but my final question is there a system in place to allow access to my projects if for some reason papyrus ceases to exist?
I want to be reassured that I will have lasting access to my project for printing, exporting, and editing.

What I do when I finish any project is export it to a selection of formats, including PDF, Docx, and ePub, and then archive them on a number of local drives and cloud services. By doing this, you guarantee not only their safety but the ability to work on them, even if Papyrus Author closes down.
I will say, the company has been around for a very long time though.
That said, I have always followed the above practice, even when I used other software, like Scrivener.
It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Be aware that your local Papyrus application require internet connection to Papyrus server!

From time to time, Papyrus application check with server if your copy of application is ok…*

I am not sure if Papyrus Viewer is still available - it is (was) stand alone, free, app for viewing .pap documents. Last time when I was asking if it is still available I did not get the answer :frowning:

  • Papyrus is just follow “the trend” of other applications so we users, should be extra careful in which format we store our data.

Ben gave nice advice!

Beside Papyrus can save document in PDF + PAP format so files can be opened with Papyrus or some PDF reader.
Papyrus Database is simple XML file so it can be opened/converted with other tools.