Lost my book

Does papyrus save books as i have lost mine

Hi, welcome to the Community!

Are you looking for your book on the same computer as you wrote it in?

Papyrus Author saves your book into the computer. Usually it’s saved in the ‘Documents’ folder of your computer, or under ‘Papyrus Author Documents’ under the ‘Documents’ folder.

If your book is not there, you can do a search for your whole computer:

Guide on how to search Windows computers: Find your Documents in Windows
Guide on how to search Apple computers: Search for files

:bulb: Papyrus Author files have a .pap file extension.

We don’t have access to your work, and we don’t hold a copy of your book. Moving forward, you can set Papyrus Author to save your book, or backup copies of it, to your own favorite cloud storage for extra layer of protection.

Here is a tutorial video on backups: Saving With Incremental and Automatic Backups

I hope you find the book on your computer!

Let me know how it goes, and I hope this helps!