Making Word Doc into a Project

Using Windows 10
with Free Papyrus Author version

I’m evaluating Papyrus to see if I want a subscription. (based on videos I think I do). But in order to evaluate, I want to bring in a book I’ve been working on in Word. Just 10K words so far. I open it, then try to convert to a project, but each time I try I get an error message.
"Error moving (renaming document: (then gives file location with the .pap extension.)
“Access denied (may be write protected).”

What does all this mean? Does it mean I can’t create a project as I am using the Free version? Or is there some other blockage? Please advise. Thanks!

I think the support guys are in bed, but, it sounds like you just need to re-save your pap document under a different name, or in a different place. For some reason, that file is not writeable.
I normally save mine in the OneDrive folder, or in My Documents.


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@rabin_purple is correct. Before you can convert a document to a project, it needs to be saved as a Papyrus Author file (with the .pap extension).

You can check which document you have open by looking at the name in the document tab:

Make sure you are working in the .pap document and make sure it is saved.

Even for new Papyrus Author documents, they have to be saved before you can convert to a project.

If you’re still having problems, let us know :+1: