Minor bug in assignment of page ranges

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version 11.06

Okay, I created a second set of master pages, since that seems to be the only way to get rid of the running page header on the pages where a new chapter starts.
That’s mega annoying, btw. I’m glad my book only has 18 chapters, because it is really cumbersome work to assign the master pages to the page ranges accordingly. Unless there is a quicker way of doing it than with the page ranges tab from the page layout dialog?

But doing that I encountered a weird little bug: If I create a new page range that has the STANDARD master page assigned to it and I leave the setting for “new pages” as “same” (which is the default), my upper page range limit is ignored and it always remains the last page of the document. When I change “new pages” to “STANDARD” (or another master page), I can set the new page range and it automatically creates one for the rest of the document after that. If I assign another master page than STANDARD, it works with “same” for new pages just fine. So it seems to be a very weird little glitch, but it is annoying, because it means two extra clicks (for a double sided master page) for every page range that uses STANDARD, making this whole infuriating process of assigning master pages for every page with a new chapter even more cumbersome.

Also, Papyrus ignored my name change for the newly created master page on the first try. It did change it later without any problem, though.

This is the way to assign page templates to your book. While assigning the master page manually to each of the chapter beginnings may take some time, it guarantees that the book keeps a uniform look throughout.

Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate hearing thoughts and opinions on different parts of the writing journey with Papyrus Author, and it’ll help us improve in the future. :slight_smile:

Could you grab a screenshot of the Assign Page Range -menu, when this occurs? This will help me understand better what could be causing this.

How to take a screenshot

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I tried to recreate this issue, but couldn’t. Some changes are only applied after clicking the ‘Apply’ button.

If you can recreate this issue, I’d love to hear it!