Missing chapters and characters from previous version

Operating SystemMac OS Big Sur 11.6.5

Papyrus Author VersionAuthor 2022
I originally signed up and downloaded your software in Sept of 2020. On March 2021 I received an email from you thanking me for registering, which is a bit confusing asking if I downloaded already so it may have been an update. Because 2021 was a year of moving from place to place, I did not keep up with my writing regularly. However, from memory I believe I had written close to 10,000 words using 6 or 7 chapters and several characters which I believe were under the project title of “Deb’s book” . Later in 2021 I decided to try writing using a different style, which is now in the file called “Gutzywoman”. When I got your email to upgrade to the new Author 2022, I tried opening my previous version but it would not let me in. Once I upgraded this time, all of the previous chapters I had written are nowhere to be found nor are my characters. Can you please help me retrieve those?

To clarify; your documents were not listed in the “Recent Documents” list in Papyrus Author’s start menu?

Usually when I hear that the documents are not visible, they are located in the ‘Documents’ folder, that can be found in the ‘Favorites’ panel of the Finder.

If your documents are not there, they may be saved in another location. You can do a search for them with Apple Spotlight. Here is a guide on doing searches from Apple Support: Search For Files

Papyrus Author saves all your work on your computer, so both Deb’s Book and Gutzywoman should show up in the Spotlight search.

Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

I found no Deb book backups in my documents on my computer dated before 29th April 2021. So the work I did in 2020 when I uploaded the software initially either did not carry over or was not saved when I uploaded either the April 2021 update orApril 2022 update. I went through all the backups in the Papyrus folder as well as looked up other areas on my hard drive.

Hi Sam,
Disregard my first reply. I found the files on my external backup hard drive. They were saved as odt files Thank goodness! Can I import oct files into my software?

Glad to hear you found your documents! :slight_smile:

You can import .odt files to Papyrus Author by navigating ‘File’ → ‘Open…’ and selecting the file.