Mixing the German and English version

Quick question: I write in both German and English. I do have a fully licensed version of the German Papyrus Autor, but since it distracts me to see all the German menus and stuff, and I want to have the English grammar and spell checking, I use the free version of Papyrus Author for my writing in English. It really covers pretty much everything I need.

But in case I wanted to use the character database, could I create a project with the German version, fill out all my character sheets, think boards etc. there, and then open it with the free English version to access that information? I am aware I cannot edit more than 4 character sheets with the free version, but would the others still be visible to me (and would the character names show up underlined for quick reference for all of them)?

I fully understand if that is not possible or desired. I think the free plan is absolutely amazing as it is and I really don’t understand why there are not more people from the English speaking world using it. I regularly recommend it to my fellow writers in forums etc. everywhere.

Absolutely! Papyrus Author and Papyrus Autor use the same document type (.pap), so you can simply open the writing project in Papyrus Author, and work on it without any extra steps.

:bulb: I recommend having the writing project open in only one of the versions at a time, so you don’t overwrite any work from one by accidentally saving in the other.

Papyrus Author will identify all your characters in the text. Character Sheets after the initial 4 are limited to a read-only state, so you can see and open, but not edit them.

Minor limitation to Character Sheets

The Character Sheets’ fields will be in German by default - you can switch them to English in Papyrus Autor before opening the project in Papyrus Author.

:construction: Note that the Name field (‘Namen’), can not be changed, because the it’s the sheets’ identifying field.

All your Thinkboards are available as well, and you can move the elements in them, but you can not create new elements past the initial 40 of the first Thinkboard.

We are super proud to offer Papyrus Author for free, and I’m delighted to hear you enjoy it. Thank you for recommending it to your fellow writers! :grin:

Have fun writing with Papyrus Author, and let me know how it goes!


Thanks for the reply. That’s really good to know.

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