Moving events between scenes and chapters

Windows 10.

Papyrus Author 11.05a Win64

Hey Everyone,
I have just started playing around in a test project with the navigator and the organiser. As far as the organiser goes, WOW. I have been using MS One Note as an outliner, but I am going to start using the organiser from now on as it does just about everything I want it to for plotting. But …

If I have an event, why can’t I drag / move it between scenes and / or chapters? It seems that there is a little bitty bit of flexibility missing here. Or am I missing something? Is there a way of doing it and I haven’t figured that out yet?

If anyone knows of a way of dragging and dropping, or moving an event from a scene / chapter to another scene / chapter can you please let me know? Thanks heaps.

Awesome to hear! The Organizer was designed to be the control center of your book, and it’s one of my favorite plotters’ tools in Papyrus Author!

The Organizer and the Navigator are great tools for managing your book–I can recommend checking out the tutorial videos, if you haven’t already, maybe there’s some useful tips in there: Organizing With Papyrus Author

The reason events can’t be moved around like scenes or chapters, is in the definition of what scenes and events are.

:clapper: A Scene is a section of text, that starts from the Scene marker, and ends in either the next scene or end of chapter. Whichever happens first.

:key: An Event is not an amount of text, but something that happens in the book. Meaning, it’s connected to the point in the text, but it’s not an area of text.

If an Event is part of the chapter or scene you move in the Organizer or Navigator, the Event will move with the text to its new area of your book.


Here I have an Event inside of a scene. When I move the scene, the event follows. Same applies for Chapters.

Hope my explanation makes sense. :slight_smile:

Have fun plotting!

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