Navigator panel and tabs: resizing and pinning

Operating System Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version10.06a

Is there a way to fix/pin the size of the navigator pane and info tabs panel, so I don’t have to continually resize it to the size I want? Every time I open a project, the navigator pane resizes. Or, for example, when I hide and then show “research” in the Navigator–again it resizes.


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The width of the Navigator pane is stored in the settings for your document, so this shouldn’t change on closing / reopening.

At the bottom of the Navigator pane you have the option to show the “Navigator Display” which contains the different tabs. Sometimes this needs to resize - for example to show the full tab dialog if the size wasn’t large enough to show it. It currently also always open on the “Notes” tab, not the tab you were last working on.

However, we’ll take a look at what’s happening with this dialog. Thanks for bringing it to our attention :+1:

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Thanks for the reply!

So I was playing around with some settings, and with the “work mode” I found that if I deselected “navigator” and “navigator settings”, then the width of the navigator remained the same when opening a project. Also, I was having trouble changing the background color of my document, so when I deselected “background color”, that also now works :grinning:

I guess I’m not using the “work mode” properly and will have to read up more about it.

Thanks again.

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