Need a tip for managing character names

I created a character and for example say the name is Tom Smith. When I introduced the character in a chapter the character is linked, as it should. In subsequent chapters I only want to refer to the character as Tom. There is no link. Is there any way to manage this, or link the two as same character?


There are two options in general to do so - while the first one may be more convenient for quick results:

a) Add all names in question to the name field of your current character sheet. Separate each name by using a comma (,) -> e.g.: “Tom Smith, Tom, Smith, Tommy, Dad, Hero”
All names are now linked to the same character sheet.


b) Add a new field to your database and character sheet that can hold additional names and further descriptions like needed. The field type should be set to be an “auto link”. Afterwards enter additional names and any word that should link to that character sheet here. Again, separated by comma if more than one additional name/word/description is required.
Basically this will do the same like option A. You would just split the names into two different fields - which could be preferred to keep the original name field clean and unique. So it depends on your personnel preferences.
However, this may require a little research from your side until it works fine. You may want to look up the manual or the support wiki to get familiar with the database features of Papyrus when going this route.


Perfect! Thanks.

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