Need for a PA+ standalone

Am using PA to write my stories and appreciate the free option with its limitations, however, there would be instances where the added features of PA+ would be beneficial.

What I would like to purchase that benefits my budget is a standalone snapshot of say the 2024 version of PA+ that has the current added extra’s over PA and only update when future versions benefit my writing needs and future budget,

I am currently using 4 separate programs to do what your one program could do. Unfortunately I cannot budget US$180/year (AUD$275) for another program. That’d kill me.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Offering something like this isn’t in our roadmap, but I’ll make sure to pass it along! :+1:

I get it–different features are more in-demand in different stages of writing!

The subscription is by design a month-to-month commitment-free plan, so you can go back and forth between Papyrus Author and Papyrus Author+ as you go.

:bulb: Moving between Papyrus Author and PA+ happens automatically on changing your subscription, and your work is always available to you on both.

If you’ve, for example, made a big custom cast of characters with the Character Database, they’re still there, just customizing them is limited.

Wow! :hushed:

Juggling four software sounds like you need good management skills :man_bowing: - I’m super happy to hear you can run it all on Papyrus Author!

Bringing your book to Papyrus Author, dropping it in as a .docx file has the best result. Here’s a quick video on it:

It sounds like you’ve got a cool writing process - I’d love to hear more about your journey!

Have fun with Papyrus Author! :construction_worker_man: :wrench: