NO Database Record Delete UNDO?

Operating System

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version

Papyrus Author Pro version 10.07a Win64 dated 2021-1-21

Somehow I managed to delete 90-something location records from my locations database. I had just entered them, so there’s no backup or saved version. I went to ‘undo’ the delete immediately afterwards only to discover that there is NO WAY to undo the delete.

Why don’t you all at LEAST have a “deleted” field or something and then wait until the next save (or program quit, or something) to actually purge the records.


Hi John,

There is currently no “undo” for the last action in the table view of the database. However, you can "Revert to Saved" (under the File menu). The database will restore to the last save, undoing any actions since then.

The changes are all held in a log file and are only applied when the database is saved, closed or the “Clean-up Database” routine is run.

I would also recommend, if you haven’t done this already, making sure the dialogue prompts are set to ask for confirmation before deleting records. These are found under the Options menu → Preferences:


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