One database to share among multiple books

Operating System Mac Big Sur

Papyrus Author Version10.07a Pro

I am a series Genre author. I was wondering if I could use One Database among all the books in my series, or can I simply move the database file to my new book in the series. I know that there are My Character, and My items, et al.
I would rather not have to recreate the databases for every book in the series. Moving the Database is workable, but a centralized location for one database would be a plus.
If this is possible, How would I go about doing this.

Welcome to the Community :smiley:

Yes - you can link any Papyrus Author document to an existing My Characters database :grinning:

Once you have created your initial project (book one in your series), and created the My Characters database, any new documents can be linked to it.

To do this, in your new document, go to the “Author” menu and select “My Project” - “Path to My Characters”:


In the dialogue that opens, click the “Select” button and browse to where the database is stored then select it:


Once you click “Apply”, the database is linked to your current document.

Changes that you make to the My Characters database will be visible to all linked documents.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes :smiley:

Works like a charm. Now I won’t have to recreate the database as the series progresses. Thank you


Yep, I’m also a series writer and this actually works quite well. Good luck!