Operating System

When will Papyrus be compatible with Mac Big Sur? All it does is hang when setting up.

Hi Dean,

Big Sur is not officially released yet and still subject to change. We’ll be ready a few weeks before it launches. Adding Big Sur will probably mean having to drop support for Mac OS X 10.12, which we’ll want to confirm and then give enough time to update.

Hey there is no other place to ask this question. I joined but I only have windows 7 32 bit so does this site have this download?

Hi Grace, welcome to the Community!

We only support 64-bit systems. Maybe consider an upgrade? :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Sam but for me, an upgrade is out of the question…

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Same here, Grace. Upgrading to a 64 bit system is far too expensive for me at the moment. Shame really as Papyrus looks quite useful.

I have similar problem. Running OS 10.11.06 El Capitan but as I have an old computer I am unable to update. Is an older version available to download?

I have a Snapdragon processor. When will this program be accessible with this type? I really would love to try out this program, as I have heard a lot of good things about it.