Ornamental Breaks and etc

Windows 10

Just purchased pro subscription.

I truly tried to search for this and cannot find the information.
In the tutorials I see he put ornamental breaks in huis example such as “***”
I also noted he used ornamental lettering for the first letter of the body text of each chapter. eg. R(20 pixels)obert(12 pixels)
I would like to find where to turn these features on.

Hi James,

Ornamental Breaks:
The easiest way to automate this it to create a macro to insert what you would like as the ornamental break. The steps below explain how to insert asterisks, but simply replace these with whatever you want, e.g. a line.

First, create a document which contains the ornamental break:

  1. Create a new text by navigating to ‘File’ → ‘New’.
  2. Add the ornamental break as you would like it to appear - e.g. blank line, next line 3 asterisks centered, followed by another blank line.
  3. Save the document, e.g. ‘OrnamentalBreak.pap’ to your computer.

Now create the macro:

  1. Navigate to ‘Options’ → ‘Text Macros’

Text Macros

  1. Select the shortcut you want for the macro call, in this example I used ‘***’
  2. Tick the ‘Macro Inserts File Contents’ box.
  3. Click ‘Select a file’ button and navigate to the document you created in steps 1-3 , e.g. ‘OrnamentalBreak.pap’. Double click on it to select it.
  4. Click ‘Apply’


Now any time, in any document, when you want to insert an ornamental break just hit your macro shortcut keys (e.g ***) and it will appear.


Ornamental Lettering:
There is currently no special formatting for creating ornamental lettering for the first character of your first word in a chapter. However, there are several options available, depending on what you want to do.

The simplest, for example, is to make the first character larger than then rest. Do this by simply highlighting that letter and changing the font size in the toolbar:


However, be aware that changing your style settings at any point may reset any changes you make this way.

If you are looking for something more ornamental, or want to avoid other style changes causing a conflict, use a graphic for the ornamental letter and insert this into your text.
Right click on the inserted image to access the Graphic Properties (text wrapping) , Position, etc.:

These options will help you align the graphic with the text flowing around it.

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