Page Numbers / Front Matter

Operating System macOS Big Sur Version 11.3

Papyrus Author Version Papyrus Author Free version 10.07a Mac dated 2021-1-21

I do not want pages to be numbered until about 5 or 6 pages in. My assumption was I could assign those beginning pages to the Front Matter master. This does not seem to have the desired effect though. Assuming I am even doing that assignment correctly.

I am not wanting to use the document properties for front matter or TOC. I’d like to just format that stuff myself and control which master it is tied to so I can turn the page numbers on and off.

Am I working completely contrary to how the software intends, or are we given the freedom to approach it either way?

I just tell it to start numbering from -3, or something similar, so it skips that many pages.

Her’s the wiki page about it: [Variables (Page Number, Date, Etc.) – Papyrus Author](

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Go to Document > Page Layout > Page Numbering and change the setting for “Headers/Footers start at”. If you set it to 7, then page numbers won’t be displayed on pages 1 to 6.

If you want page 7 to be numbered as page 1, then you need to change the setting for “First page is” to -6 and “Headers/Footers start at” 1.