Papyrus Author 10.05

Version 10.05: 2020-7-21


  • new72 Interactive Welcome Guide added to the start screen: Open the new guide from the ‘New Text’ section and have a look!
  • dfm72 Distraction Free Mode [Pro] got more customizable: you can change the background with preset or your own images.
  • navi72 Statistics in the Navigator: View word, paragraph, and line counts in the Navigator.


  • Distraction Free Mode improvements and fixes for zoom levels, scrolling, toolbar and cursor positioning.
  • Updated icon and naming for ‘Editor-Friendly Pages’.
  • Improved word repetition detection in the Style Analysis.
  • New Kindle preview integration for Mac OS X Catalina.
  • Column adjustments in the Organizer improved.
  • Adjusted alignment of ‘My Characters’ icons in the Organizer.
  • Dialog resizing improvements on Mac.


  • Improved window positioning of template documents.
  • Page number dialog sizing fixed.
  • Fixed line editing for special cases in the Organizer.
  • Updated Twitter link in ‘About Papyrus Author’.
  • Fixes for printing and sizing of certain .svg images.
  • Fixed potential crash when accessing custom ‘My Characters’ tables.
  • Timeline behavior improved for multiple small time warps close together.