Papyrus Author 11.06a/b Update

A new update is out! We improved font handling for Adobe Creative Cloud, Character Sheets and more.

Version 11.06a: 2022-9-2


  • Fonts: Adobe Creative Cloud fonts on your system are now available to use with Papyrus Author.


  • Improved Character Sheet behavior: the Sheet preview window draws and updates faster.
  • Character Sheet behavior with different Windows Display Scaling settings improved; the slider-menus work better now.
  • Fixed potential crash that could be caused by corrupted or broken .png images.
  • Papyrus BASE: sort backwards has been fixed.
  • Text-to-database connection is improved; the database links were not found in some cases.


The update to 11.06a should start automatically when launching Papyrus Author.

If your update does not start automatically, please try these steps to troubleshoot:

Troubleshooting the update
  1. Navigate to ‘Guide’ → ‘About Papyrus Author’.
  2. See if the ‘About Papyrus Author’ view shows that an upgrade is available. If yes, click on ‘Download’.
  3. If the download doesn’t start, restart Papyrus Author.

We hope you have as much fun writing with Papyrus Author 2022 as we have building it! :heart:


We shipped a bugfix update:

11.06b | On some setups, backwards search would only search forward. Fixed to work as expected now.

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