Papyrus Author 11.07 Update

For the end of the year, we released a little quality-of-life update: 11.07 is available now! We improved the efficiency of the Style Statistics, polished Papyrus Author’s core features, and more:

Version 11.07: 2022-12-16


  • The Timeline: Fixed a potential memory leak in the Timeline feature.

  • Style Statistics: Improved the efficiency of the feature, and fixed an error that could cause unnecessary computer memory usage.

  • Start Menu: Improved how the items in the Start Menu are displayed.

  • The Thinkboard: Fixed a potential crash when handling images in the Thinkboard.

  • Handling website links: In some cases, Papyrus Author would have an extra character in website links - this has been fixed.

As always, the update will start automatically on next launch.

Have fun writing~

Your Papyrus Author Team

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