Papyrus Author 2022's new features are for everyone

We open a new chapter in our vision to become the true creative writing environment for everyone:

We are opening all unique storybuilding features to the free version of Papyrus Author!

In the past, we realized that free users couldn’t explore the full scope of what makes Papyrus Author so dedicated about creative writing.

With the 2022 update, we changed that: Everyone will now be able to freely access features like the awesome new Character Sheets, the Thinkboard, Timeline, Organizer, Readability Analysis and so much more.

The difference between Papyrus Author and what is now called Papyrus Author+ is quantity and customization. Certain features are limited in how often they can be used per document or how far they reach.

This evolution makes the free version of Papyrus Author so much more powerful than before, and we are super happy to share that with you.

Check out the new plans page of our website to see how Papyrus Author and Papyrus Author+ have changed:

Enjoy a new writing experience!
–Your Papyrus Author Team