Papyrus Author+ and languages

Hello fellow humans and typists.

I reside in good old Germany and here there is no such offer as Papyrus Author+. Here you either pay 200 euros upfront, or use the free version. (Ignoring student and upgrade deals here)
Whereas on the English web entity of papyrus Author you get the deal of paying monthly, which for me, the poor guy from the neighborhood, sounds way more palatable.

What I am wondering at this point in time is if there are actually different versions or papyrus Author on the german website and the english website and if I can easily go get the plus subscription and set everything from the UI to the correction and analysis to german, or if I am stuck with an all english version of Papyrus Author.

Looking forward to hear from someone smarter than me!

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The two versions are entirely separate and there is no switch to change the UI language. Each version comes with correction tools customised for its language, either English or German but not both. The core of both versions is of course the same and the document and database files are 100% exchangeable.

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Thanks for the swift response. What do you mean by documents and database files?

Documents or projects created with Papyrus are saved in Papyrus’ native .pap format which is the same for both versions, English and German. Both versions support exporting to .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .html and other formats but only .pap can preserve all the features such as thinkboards, pinboards, sticky notes, ghost text, time lines, etc.

Databases are used by Papyrus for “My Characters”, literature research, endnotes, addresses, and whatever users come up with on their own. They are saved in Papyrus’ native .pb format (which stands for Papyrus Base) which is a variety of XML. This is the same for English and German, too.