Papyrus Author - German Spellchecking - Missing Dictionary


is there no German dictionary by default available; And do I have to manually search for a German .tlx dictionary?

Thank you in advance


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At the moment, the spellcheck and dictionaries are available in English (UK or US).

If you have your own .tlx dictionary, you can add it to Papyrus Author. Here’s a previous topic on this:

Hope this helps, and have fun with Papyrus Author! :clap:

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Quote is from the other thread, but I did not want to hijack that thread - Do you have knowledge if the German version of Papyrus have it enabled? And I assume it has a working dictionary as well?

In that case I would go simply with the German version instead hustling my way with a limited English version.

If you’re writing mostly in German, Papyrus Autor is definitely for you!

Yep, just like Papyrus Author’s grammar and spellcheck features are for English, Papyrus Autor is geared for German. They’ve got Duden as their dictionary!

Here’s the German Community if you’ve got any questions:

Have fun! :construction_worker_man: :wrench:

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The German version comes with the Duden dictionary which has its own word lists and doesn’t use the .tlx dictionaries. I still have a very old pre-Autor installation of Papyrus where the old dictionaries are available. They might still work with the current Author version … haven’t tried it yet :wink: