Papyrus Author Update 1

The first new-years content update is upon us! We take feedback to heart and steam up our engines to offer what you need to write. User requests mixed with some nifty ideas of our own make up for an exciting update:

Distraction-Free Mode

A brand-new mode for undistracted writing. Enter it and see how Papyrus Author changes its environment to help you get those words on the page. Everything that normally makes navigating, organizing and editing your text a breeze has been purposefully hidden, to stop anything from stealing your focus.
Text is all that matters here. To create your best possible writing experience, you can set your favourite pinboard background, text color and document color for Distraction-Free Mode only, without affecting your document. A streamlined toolbar is hidden at the bottom of your window, which pops up when you get near with your mouse. It offers basic settings, styling, the option to activate the Navigator, and to turn on Typewriter Mode.

Pictures in the Thinkboard

Throw those inspirational pictures from your document, your pinboard or directly from the internet right into your Thinkboard! You can handle any image in the Thinkboard just like another element–give it a title, connect it with other bubbles and so on. This lifts the Thinkboard over any traditional mind-mapping tool. Find your thoughts, ideas and pictures combined!

Print that Organizer

Take your story’s Organizer on tour and print it out. You can decide what you want to display in your print, how to display it, and even make room for hand-written notes. A great way to discuss your story with your editor or check for plot holes while off the grid.

Home Button

For easy access of that all-important Start Screen, we placed a big button at the top right corner of your Papyrus Author toolbar. Click it whenever you want to touch base and jump to new or existing projects comfortably. You can also access our help and tutorial section there.

We hope you enjoy writing with Papyrus Author and the new update. Much more to come soon!

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