Pasted from word - unwanted tabs appear


I have imported a word document into Papyrus and I am getting a ‘tab’ sign at the end of some paragraphs which make the next line appear on a new page. This creates a half blank page where there shouldnt be one. I have tried to shift the text up but it wont let me. This has replicated throughout the entire document and I am not able to get rid of it. It didnt happen on any other documents I have created.
Can someone please help.

Thank you

This sounds like Papyrus translated some of the paragraph ends into page breaks upon importing the Word document.

You can use the Edit > Find/Replace panel to search for [PAGE] and replace with [CR] in the entire document.

Perhaps also send the Word document to Papyrus support, so they can have a look whether there’s a bug in the Word import function or if this problem is specific to this document.