PDF changes margin

I’m writing my book in Papyrus with the margins and paper size set perfectly for printing. However, when I do a test PDF, the left margin is wider that it should be, and it looks out of sorts. I have checked multiple settings and can’t figure out why the PDF looks different than what I have on my screen.

All help is appreciated as I would prefer not to go through the faff of having to format the manuscript in a different program.


Hi Claudia!

If it’s just the left margin, my first guess would be the margin setting in the Page Layout. If you go “Document” → “Page Layout”, you’ll see this:

Are the margins different in your book?

:bulb: These margins may be different if you’ve selected a paperback book template. By default, the paperback templates have set up left and right pages separately, and come with some extra margin to compensate for the book binding.

That’s awesome! :heart_eyes:

Are you going for a PDF file, or are you planning to print a paperback book from it? I can recommend checking out our publishing videos:

:open_book: Here’s one if you’re going for a paperback: Print-on-Demand: Creating a Paperback

:clipboard: And here’s a video on normal export-ready PDF: Creating Print-Ready PDFs

Hope the margin setting fixes it - let me know how it goes! :wrench: :construction_worker_man:

In addition to @Sam’s reply, also check the settings in the Paper Format dialog, especially in the Label Printing section. If you change the left margin there, it gets added to the page width of the paper format. So make sure that all these values are set to 0 as in this screenshot:

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Thank you, Sam.
I was under the impression that the page layout margins shown in your image would be what would be printed. I had no clue that the preselected paper size would automatically adjust the output.

With @glucose’s suggestion taken into consideration, I managed to get a PDF that matches what I have on my screen.

Many thanks, both! I should have asked ages ago :smile: