Pick up where you left off?

Operating System
Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version
Latest - just downloaded

What’s up with picking up where you left off on a story? I can’t find any setting for this, and every time I open a long document it always opens on the first page. I might have left off on page 6 of 30 pages, but I’m always at the top and have to try and figure out where I left off.

Mine usually opens to the start of the scene I left it on.
I usually create a new scene when I finish for the day, so it opens at that point next day. I can delete the scene marker if I decide I don’t need it.

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Papyrus Author should continue from the page you were on when you last saved the document, not where you closed Papyrus Author at. Is this how it behaves with your document?

Yes, that’s exactly right. I didn’t realize that. I was reading through a long document that was saved already, and every time I re-opened it I had to figure out where I left off.

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