Pinboard scrollable?

Am I missing another thing? I was on the laptop, and I needed to scroll down the pinboard, but can’t find a way to do that?


The Pinboard is fixed on the background of the pages, so it can’t be scrolled the same way you can scroll pages.

To get more space for the Pinboard, you can make the book pages smaller on the screen with zoom. You can change the zoom level from the % value on the bottom-left toolbar, or with CTRL + pinching on trackpad, and CTRL + scroll on a mouse wheel. :computer_mouse:

Let me know how it goes! :wrench: :construction_worker_man:

Ok, that does work. I thought it might work like the think board…able to be it’s own entity, or side by side with the document. But, as long as I can access all the sticky notes, that’s what matters.


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You can also add another pinboard for more stickies. There’s a little down arrow next to the word ‘Pinboard’ in the top ruler. Click for ‘New Pinboard Page’. You can rename them for easier distinction too.

Ah, I did see that, and it helped a lot. I also reduced the font size of the stickies to make them smaller. But, another idea is occurring to me. Maybe I can use a thinkboard for the ideas, and rectangles for the “stickies”. That makes it standalone or attached to the side of the document, and scrollable.

What I see is that, at first glance, the software doesn’t always act the way a typical user would expect, especially if you’re coming from a standard word processor or scrivener. But when you get inside it a bit, you see a lot of versatility on how you can use it. Now my wishlist is breakout panels for those of us on dual monitors. Yeah yeah…I can dream…

Still, versatility is always a plus in my book.

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