Places/locations Am I missing something here?

Just looking through the various options in the software, I don’t see any sections for putting in locations. Thought something like that would be in there, maybe even linked in with the timeline. Maybe you could have the ability to add photos to it…treat it a bit like characters.

If I’m wrong here, please feel free to correct me.

Ok, I did find a small section where you can add a location. I guess I just expected it to be more prominent, like the character sheets and the thinkboard. I had to dig for it a bit in the organizer.

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You actually can! :boom:

Just like characters, if you right-click on a location in your book, go to “Connect a Sheet” and select “My Places” → “Create a New Sheet”, you’ll make a Location Sheet.

And this is what a Location Sheet looks like:

We clearly can improve the visibility of the Location and Item sheets, and we’ve already got some ideas for the future… :wink:

Here’s a topic where we’re exploring the Location and Item Sheets a bit more: Ideas For World Building

Have fun! :wrench: :construction_worker_man:

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Ahh, that is, in itself, a nice feature. I guess the only part is that, as a newbie, it was harder to find that feature. Perhaps it’s a developer credo somewhere, but sometimes you have to build from the dumb up. :slight_smile:

But the location sheet is good. Perhaps adding a few more fields would be nice to see. Perhaps a way to link characters to a location?

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The most flexible way of linking characters to a location is by creating a new table for this purpose. This table needs at least one field for the character and one for the location. Each filed contains a relation to the “My Characters” and “My Locations” tables, respectively.

Each entry in this table will define a connection between a character and a location. If you right-click a character in the “My characters” table, you can see all connected locations by selecting “Show references from ‘Character Locations’”.

The other way around will work as well: right-clicking a location and showing references from ‘Character Locations’ will reveal all characters with a connection to this place.

If you use database forms instead of character sheets, the “show references” menu is also available from the form itself and not just from the table view. The newer character sheets do not support this feature yet.

That’s a lot to digest :slight_smile:

I’m just a bit confused. Is that technical advice offered to the devs, or is there a means for the user to manually create databases? Sorry, early morning on my side of the world.

I would call it advice for the advanced or adventurous user. :slight_smile:

Yes, you could create your own database from scratch, and you can also modify the existing one that is created with your project.

When you open Author > My Characters you’ll see the database table for the characters. In the Database menu you can change the field properties and also add or delete fields. In the Table menu you’ll see other tables that might be present in the current database (such as My Locations or My Things), and it lets you create or delete tables too. In the File menu you can create a new database, import or export data and so on. It’s like a whole relational database system albeit lacking a query language.