Plotting with Papyrus Author

Hi everyone.
I have been using Papyrus Author for some time now and have published two novels and seven short stories with it. I am very much a ‘Pantzer’ and allow my books to grow organically, so to speak.
However, I want to plot-out my latest two books as they are fairly complex.
What tools do other writers use within Papyrus Author to do this?

I collect my scene ideas on index cards first (the real-life paper version, it’s just how I roll, even though I guess one could use either the thinkboard or a pinboard in Papyrus for this) . Once I feel like I have all my important scenes in roughly the right order, I start the main document and just add all the scenes without any text in them. That makes them show up in the navigator. I then use the little “info” field to jot down my notes for each scene. When I start writing, I just fill out these scenes, one after the other. Or I can skip ahead to a future scene, if writing chronologically just doesn’t work. Having the scenes all listed out to do that makes that possible for me.

If you are using the full version, there are thinkboard templates for different genres and structures as well, but I found they don’t work for me.

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To visualize an existing plot, I’d definitely use the thinkboard. You have the most freedom there,
especially if said plot is complex.


Thanks for your response Early Bird. I have outline my plot, so far using the think-board, and printed it off in Word as an aid memoire. I just wanted to see what the take on it was like from other authors.