Potential bug identified

I was playing around with notes and abstracts for the first time last night. Still getting to know P.A. and thusfar I’m loving what I see. However, when I click save while a note or an abstract has focus (I’m able to type in it) said note/abstract seems to almost invariable blank out.
Just thought this was a strange behavior and y’all might wanna know. ^.^

Thank you for bringing this up!

I tried to recreate this, but couldn’t. Do you mean that you’ve selected some text in the Abstract or a Sticky Note, and the text disappears when you save?

If it’s easier to show visually, you can take a screenshot of what Papyrus Author looks when you save, and paste it here.

Here’s guides on taking screenshots:

How to take a screenshot

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For macOS: Take a screenshot on macOS

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That’s awesome to hear!

By the way, if you’re still getting to know all the features Papyrus Author has, I can recommend checking out the feature videos on YouTube:

Papyrus Author on YouTube

Have a great writing year 2023! :fireworks:

Oddly, it seems to have stopped doing this. Maybe they patched it without me noticing already. xD

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