Print Range is Wrong

Operating System

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version


I just wasted 20 pages of paper. I wanted to print a scene, I looked at the starting page (47) and the ending page (60) and told it that was the range I wanted to print. And it DID print pages that were numbered 47 through 60, BUT they were not the pages that were shown on the screen, in the editor, so it started on page 53 and printed to page 72, with respect to the pages shown in the editor.

I guess I can figure out what pages I’m missing and reprint them, but this sucks.

The Page Numbering is customizable, and may vary from the document’s absolute page numbers, which are used to determine the range of pages to print. This is due to the fact, that front matter and Table of Contents are usually not numbered, and Page Numbering starts after the title page, copyright information etc.

Does your document have a Front Matter section (Title page, Book & Author section, Table of Contents) of six pages? Depending on the size of the Document’s Front Matter, the page numbering can start at negative values. You can set the page numbering by navigating ‘Document’ → ‘Page Layout’ → ‘Page Numbering’

Page numbering

This document has a Front Matter section of four pages, and the ‘First page is number’ value is set to -4 for the first page of the main text to be numbered as page 1.

Here’s a Wiki article on Page Numbering: Variables

Here’s a tutorial video addressing Page Numbering: Creating a Paperback

This is what I asked it to print (see screenshot).

And while I do understand the point that you’re making, IMO, this is not the sort of issue I would expect from a top-tier program. Indeed, given the fact that it’s all just programming and computers are terrific with numbering things, it ought to be a simple matter of “book pages” versus “real pages” and your program at least having the OPTION of showing me the REAL actual page numbers so that I could use them when I print.