Problem opening file when adding a new iMac

I’ve been working with both Windows and Mac versions of Pro.

I purchased an iMac and transferred data from my Macbook. Now I cannot open my project on the new iMac. It tells me I don’t have permission to open the file. The project opens fine on the Macbook Air.

I had the same problem recently when I added the new Air but it somehow corrected itself.

How can I fix this? Thanks.

You need to change permissions of the file or of the whole project folder:

  1. Locate the folder of your project in the Finder
  2. Right click on the folder and select “Get Info”
  3. Find the Sharing and Permissions pane in the Info window
  4. Open the lock in the bottom right corner
  5. Change the privilege to “Read & Write” for you
  6. Click on the gear icon below and select “Apply to enclosed items”


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Thanks, it worked. Up and writing again.

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