Program download trouble?

I just discovered this amazing program and would like to give it a try. However I am having trouble using it, and it has something to do with the download of the program. I am on a Macbook pro as my device, and can run the program, but then cannot use any functions because it says all the files are missing.
Anyone else have this particular problem? Any solutions or help that can be provided? I am not a technical person, and can’t figure it out.

Hi, welcome to the Community!

I’m not familiar this error message - does it happen when you open Papyrus Author, or when you try to use a particular feature?

It would be a tremendous help, if you could take a picture of the error message. You can add images to your message by dragging and dropping them into the reply-field.

Here is a guide on how to take screenshots on your macbook pro: Take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support

Thanks in advance!