Questions re Windows version

Windows 10 Pro - Latest free version of Papyrus

Only just installed to try it out and it’s already annoying me.

When creating a new project, if I click on the … icon to change the saving path from the Windows default, the saving path doesn’t change in the Path field. Why?

Why can I not define a saving path in the software rather than it assuming the Windows default all the time?

Why is there no Maximise button? Can it be activated somewhere?

Why is there no Minimise button? Can it be activated somewhere?

Ignore the last two, I see they do appear once the project is created, though I still find this non-standard for the setup window.

Hi welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

I can’t reproduce this issue. Do you take the following steps to define the path:

  1. Click the ‘…’ icon

new project three dots

  1. Select the desired folder and click ‘Select Folder’ or double-click the folder:

select folder

  1. This will open the folder. Click ‘Select Folder’

Selected folder

With these steps the location has changed. After that I give the project a name and hit ‘Create a New Project’

changed path

You can. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to ‘Options’ → ‘Preferences…’


  1. Select ‘Paths’ under ‘ Documents ’ in the left-hand menu
  2. The ‘Open Document’ is your current default path for your documents. You can change it by clicking the ‘…’ -button on the right.


Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I was having the same problem with the Maximise and minimize buttons even though I was already in a project. In order to fix it go to VIEW / WORK MODE / and select one of the modes like STANDARD or WRITER’S FUNCTIONS