Recap: The first writing week of Turning Tales

Turning Tales. Recap of Week #1.

This was the writing topic of the week: Settling into the mood…


The things we tasted in week #1 of Turning Tales. Cinnamon buns and Radio Cake and things that came in cans that should never have been put into cans. Funny pills that do funny things. Treacle. And blood. The taste of Pumpkin Pie reminded us of Halloween and the profound creepiness of VHS tapes. Carelessly prepared lunch sandwiches ended up in a moldy pile beneath a kid’s bed. We witnessed a dog’s last meal and shared his owner’s grief. But we also learned that the yellow teddy bear plate is the best one because it is yellow and has a teddy bear.

65 entries have been submitted during the first week of Turning Tales. To say that we’re impressed would be an understatement. :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much for your contributions, for the feedback and support you provided to other participants and for your constructive collaboration on the writing season itself. :clap:

We’ll make better use of the new forum’s capabilities with each coming week.

The first week’s Turning Tales thread is now closed. You can no longer post your own entry. But you still have a whole week to give likes to the entries you love. :heart:

The submission that gets the most hearts will be celebrated with a full year of Papyrus Autor+. On top, we’ll give away another year of Papyrus Author+ to one of the participants. On Thursday, October 27, you will find out who won.

In less than an hour, we’ll post the next prompt of this writing season, the second of ten. It is about half-opened doors that let you glimpse a whole new world.

How did you like the first week’s topic?

Did it feel easy or difficult? Entertaining or underwhelming? How did your writing process go? And will you be able to use the piece you submitted in a different context later on? Tell us about your experience.


The first topic was a wonderful way to transition into the coming weeks’ writing tasks. Remembering a favorite meal or food from childhood reminds us of the lost moments of our youth we so often forget unless we look at the family album.

And for me, it was about a time long ago, in a warm, magical place! Thanks for the memories!


I am so sorry I missed out on this, as I had a story that would have worked well. Will try to keep up in the futuere. smile


First week topic didn’t catch me at all, sorry. So no contribution.
At least here in the English Corner, there are not hundreds of entries, like in the German Market Place.

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I wouldn’t way that beans on toast was my absolute favourite, but I certainly ate a lot of it because my mother was not an accomplished cook and we were not very well off. Her idea of making it fancy was to add a dash of brown sauce. :upside_down_face: