Recap: The Fourth Week of Turning Tales

This week’s topic was: Dialogue

Many of this week’s entries read like micro novels with their own plots and turning points. It only takes a few beats to conjure up a story: the sickeningly sweet atmosphere of an abusive relationship, violence just beneath the surface of every interaction. The complicated heartache of seeing an estranged parent pass. High Noon in a classic Western. Or the uncomfortable feeling of a plot twist creeping up on you as the Ouija board gives clear answers for a change.

Thank you for all your contributions!

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The fifth week of Turning Tales starts today, and this week, we’re exploring abandoned homes. :flashlight:

How did you like the fourth week’s topic?

Did you find it harder to start writing or to stop at ten lines? What is your best advice on how to write believable dialogue? Did you make up characters specifically for this prompt or did you use characters from a project you’re working on? And how did you decide on the topic you had them talk about?


I enjoyed reading all the stories; each one with a unique style. I’m getting lost (and found) in my own first writing project that explores GBV and all that goes with that. Dialogue is a great way to show and not tell in this instance, which has been a huge learning curve for me. This was my first attempt. Thanks for the opportunity.

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I’m happy this was a good experience for you, and you’re spot-on about dialogue. I’m not a native speaker, so please forgive me asking: What is GBV?

Hi Elisabeth, GBV - gender-based violence. Subject close to my heart.

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Ah, I see. And a very important subject.