Recap: The second week of Turning Tales

Turning Tales. Recap of Week #2.

This was the writing topic of the week: The perfect first sentence


There are two things the human brain just can’t resist: unexpected change and unsolved puzzles. Dealing with these successfully could make the difference between getting food and becoming food. That’s why brains are really, really interested in detecting change and filling in missing information. Many of your submissions in week 2 of Turning Tales made use of this disposition. :thinking:

The elevator beeped as I pushed the button for the sixth floor, but after ten floors passed, I knew I wasn’t going up.

Something is wrong , and we do not know why. We are in a tightly enclosed moving space. There’s no way out, and down has always been a suspicious direction.

The world is full of people who tolerate Vicky Elliot, but I for one do not!

Even if conflict is looming somewhere just out of the picture and change is only hinted at, this one really makes you wonder why Vicky Elliot is so utterly intolerable.

And sometimes all that changes is our perspective on things:

I told him my body count was sixteen, he told me his was 45, I had a feeling we weren’t talking about the same type of body count.

These are only three out of dozens of beginnings. So many ideas, so many associations! :gem:

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The third week of Turning Tales starts tomorrow, and this week, we’re going on a field trip.

How did you like the second week’s topic?

Do first sentences come easily to you? Did you use the first sentence of an existing writing project or come up with a new one? And if so, will you continue? Tell us about your experiences.

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