Recap: The Seventh Writing Week of Turning Tales

This week’s topic was: Making a Scene

An alchemist, too much of a strange substance, an unannounced visitor knocking on the door. How many stories can be created from one and the same beginning? An infinite number, the seventh week’s experiment suggests. A door, it seems, is a magical device all by itself. :door:

There is the alchemist who gives his life in the attempt to resurrect a loved one.

As soon as the door was partially ajar, the smell of rotten, fetid flesh escaped, with the haste of a child on the last day of school.

There is the football mom who casually opens a portal to travel through time, space and, perhaps, layers of reality. A son weaving a cure for his father’s cancer. A small girl with uncanny magical abilities and no way to control them, shunned by her community, looking for shelter.

One day she would burn the world, sparing none except the one who showed her kindness.
But for now, she would rest.

We’ve seen minds melt and quills write all on their own, we’ve seen an assistant’s quiet rebellion and a wizard’s great escape. But sometimes, the mysterious visitor on the other side of the door is just the delivery guy. :package:

The seventh week’s Turning Tales thread is now closed.

You can no longer post your own entry. But you still have a whole week to give Likes to the entries you love.

The submission that gets the most books :open_book: will be celebrated with a full year of Papyrus Author+. On top, we’ll give away another year of Papyrus Author+ to one of the participants at random.

On Tuesday, December 6th, you will find out if you won.

The eigth week of Turning Tales starts today, and this week, we’re digging for treasure. :pick: :scorpion: :snake:

How did you like the seventh week’s topic?

For the first time, a prompt came with a set beginning. Did you find it easier or harder to get into the writing process? And did you enjoy the fantasy setting? What genres do you usually write? Also: Do you usually plan scenes before writing or do you prefer to improvise? Let us in on your process!

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