Recap: The Sixth Writing Week of Turning Tales

This week’s topic was: How to Control Time

This is a message from the future. This is a message from the past. This is a message from this exact moment in space and time. I have seen the end of the universe. I have seen the beginning, and I have seen every moment in between. I send my story out into the void.

Time is not to be tampered with. @RTGraver’s story reads like a warning. But it’s too late now. We’ve done it. We’ve done it all.

There are so many ways to stop time. You can describe all the things that happen, incomprehensibly, in the same moment. You can focus in on the details that are only ever noticed when time slows down.

Suspended in fear for an eternity, she briefly wondered if it was over when she felt the road beneath her. But her head bounced again. And again. With no other choice, she watched clouds sailing past her as she slid twenty more feet. Her mind fought to stay awake, to listen to where her daughter was, but all she could hear was crunching, crunching, and finally a pop.

In places like @emalody’s Strawberry Fields, time stands still without adrenaline or trauma, it pools like water in a pothole. This week, we experienced time lost to narcolepsy, time slowly running out like blood, time as the accomplice in a murder.

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The seventh week of Turning Tales starts today, and this week, we’re dabbling in alchemy. :scorpion: :test_tube: :fire:

How did you like the sixth week’s topic?

Which ways to slow down or speed up time did you find especially impressive? What did you find easier – stretching or compressing time? Will you continue this week’s story?

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