Recap: The Tenth Week of Turning Tales

This week’s topic was: Parody

I watched as my wife’s fingers tapped away at her screen. “Here we go—“
Her voice trailed off. Her blushed cheeks drained of colour and turned ghostly pale.
“What does it say?” I blurted.

Do you remember 2020? That one year with enough year in it to make three? “It started with the bushfires in Australia, an imminent war on the horizon in February, murder hornets, declassified UFO information and a global pandemic.” In this Christmas story parody, it gets worse when we find out that Santa is real and that everything we enjoy is somehow made with lead or slave labour.

My first date in years and I was folding like a map. A big paper map like we used to have to read in the front seat of the car to help navigate, and then you couldn’t fold it up again so the front was at the front. God only knew where my front was right now.

It’s all in the metaphors. Sometimes you just need to take one and run with it. Like in this incredibly awkward and frustrating encounter in the backseat of a car.

While this romance parody does not end well, other entries have a solid happy ending – it just depends on one’s perspective. Scott, the main character, is dead, but …

The blob slid off his enemy and he once again found himself inside his ship at the controls. (…) A voice crackled through the communicator; “It’s all over.” it said. “We fired one salvo and their entire fleet suddenly vaporized itself. We now have complete access to all that water on that planet they called earth.”

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This was the last week of Turning Tales. Really? The very last one? Yes. And no. We decided it’s that time of year, and added a Christmas-themed bonus week to Turning Tales!

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Let’s celebrate Christmas with writing!

How did you like the tenth week’s topic?

What are some tropes and clichés you usually avoid? And what are some you actually enjoy reading? Was it easy to parody your favorite genre? What was fun, and what difficulties did you encounter?