Relearning Research Database


How do you create links in the document to the research database and citations there.? I used to know this, but now I can’t remember how I did it.


If you’ve already got text on page you want to assign a source to, you can select that part of text, right-click on it and go “Insert” → “Assign Citation Source…”:

The Research Database view opens, and you can double-click on an entry to assign it.

You’ll notice that part of text has now changed color to indicate it’s a citation.

If you want to remove the link to your research, you can right-click on the text again and choose “Delete Citation Source”:

delete Citation Source

:bulb: If you’ve not started a research database yet in the project, just go “Author” → “My Research”, and Papyrus Author will create one for you :computer:

Have fun researching! :mag_right: :microscope:

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