Remove table of contents?

How do I delete a ToC that was already created by the project template?

Publication dates are getting closer and I have to be able to produce the correct documents WITHOUT ToC.

It would be good to lose the “Book: Author:” page too, if there’s some easy way of taking that out.

Do I need to create a blank project with no ToC, Book/Author, etc. and transfer it across?

I did read the manual and tried removing the checkbox from the ToC boxes, then Apply. No change. Told it to Update, it complained I hadn’t chosen any paragraph styles for the ToC I didn’t want.

My head hurts. :blush:

It is possible to highlight the ToC and delete it like you would any other piece of text.

If you delete the ToC first then untick this box to stop it being recreated, you won’t get this message.

Like the ToC, you can also highlight the text and delete this from the document.

This depends on the template you are using. There are default templates - for example “Manuscript Writing Friendly” - which have no front matter or ToC. This example is under the “New Text” tab of the Start dialogue. It can be converted to a project once it is saved by going to the Author menu and selecting My Project - Convert to Project. If there is not a template which has the paper size and page margins, etc. you require without the ToC and front matter then you can create a new template as discussed in the other thread :+1:

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Thank you, @Eva. I wasn’t sure if I was ‘allowed’ to just delete it. A lot of the program still feels like a black art to me.

I am re-reading the extremely comprehensive manual. Hoping to find some way of transferring it to my iPad so I can browse it anytime I like.

You can export the manual as a PDF or as an E-book (.epub) and read it on the iPad. Transfer should be easy using iCloud Drive or Dropbox but you could also sync it over using iTunes or iBooks.