Removing title and author name from each page of pdf for book printing


Version 10.07b

I have created a beautiful print file for my book by following your template but I need to remove the book name and author name from each page before sending it to the printer. I know this derives from the front matter, but it won’t let me remove the title - it keeps popping back up.

How do I do this? Thanks.

Hello, welcome to the Community!

You are correct - the reference in the page headers comes from the Front Matter section. The project template you have used has a reference to the Front matter in its Master Page, and it can be deleted following these steps:

  1. Right-click on the header area of the page, select ‘Go to the master page…’.

go to master page2

  1. Right-click on the reference you wish to delete, and select ‘Delete Reference’.

go to master page

Once you have deleted the references, right-click on the Header area again, and select ‘Back to Main Text’.

Here’s a Wiki article on Master Pages: Page Layout and Master Pages.

Congratulations on your book! If there are any further questions, let us know. :slight_smile: