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I’m just not getting it, and someone will need to explain it like I’m 5.

I have a project completed that is in 6x9 format. I need to upload to KDP in a 5.06x7.81 format.

I think there is a way to generate this, but I can’t figure out how to actually do it without creating a brand new thing, and then cutting and pasting. How does this work? How can I resize a new copy of a completed book?


There are two ways to switch the paper size, either by changing the paper size of your current document, or generating a copy of your document in the new paper size.

To generate a copy of your document onto a new paper size:

  1. Navigate to ‘File’ → ‘Generate’ → ‘Adopt Styles from Other Document’
  2. Select ‘Projects’ → ‘(02) Paperback’

Papyrus Author has a pre-made template for 5.06 x 7.81 paper size named ‘(22)’. Double-click on it, and Papyrus Author will generate a document with the document’s original content and a new layout.

Note: this is a completely new document, and will not have, for example, the old project’s character database links, therefore should be saved and handled as a separate project.

To change the current document’s paper size:

  1. Navigate ‘Document’ → ‘Page Layout’
  2. Select the ‘Paper Format’ tab from the list
  3. Click the ‘+’ icon under the paper format list, and fill in the Format Name, width, height and other settings
  4. Click ‘Apply’

kdp paper size switch

This will convert the document into the new paper format.

Let us know if there are any further questions! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! That did exactly what I needed.

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